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  • Dr Dram - Outlet Seconds
  • Dr Dram - Outlet Seconds
  • Dr Dram - Outlet Seconds

Dr Dram - Outlet Seconds


Single Dr Dram

This product is priced at 50% off due to one or both of the following defects:

  • Print defect, ie. print not straight or printing issue
  • Glass defect, ie. surface scratch or abnormality

These glasses are usable, and safe, they are only seconds.

[Never use glasses with chips in them, and if any CRAFTD. glass arrives chipped, please contact us immediately.]


Say hi to our first ever non-craft beer glass
--- DR DRAM ---
super excited about this one.

With the rise of epic craft distilleries, we wanted to celebrate these amazing drops like we celebrate craft beer - with a glass that delivers the aroma, flavour and excitement as intended by the maker, and creating an experience.

DR DRAM is our nod to the world of spirits, but like our other glassware the Doc wont be offended if you use it for something else.. say an Imperial Stout (or anything!)

Made to be enjoyed.

---> Note this glass sells as a single glass, not a pair <---

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