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  • Uncle Frank - Anniversary Edition '18 - Outlet Seconds

Uncle Frank - Anniversary Edition '18 - Outlet Seconds

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  • Glass defect, ie. surface scratch or abnormality

These glasses are usable, and safe, they are only seconds.

[Never use glasses with chips in them, and if any CRAFTD. glass arrives chipped, please contact us immediately.]


On August 1st 2014 we launched CRAFTD. out of a passion for full flavoured, epic craft beer.

4 years on, our tastes have progressed and so has the craft beer space - and all for the better! Today we are just as stoked on tasting a new IPA, sour or stout, finding a new brewery or introducing craft beer to someone new as the day we started.

This year our Anniversary Frank is a celebration of living in this part of the world. Incorporating Hops into the Southern Cross, this edition is as much about beer as it is about where we live. 

Australia and New Zealand are paving the way with some of the amazing ingredients and craft beer coming from our shores. And being kiwi's living in Melbourne, we are flying the craft beer flag through our 2018 Anniversary Frank.

Celebrate with us.

Ben & Sarah

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