Craft Beer in Bali...

Last week we were chilling by the pool in the glorious Bali. It was relaxing, fun, hectic and hot - and all very welcome having fled from the thick of Melbourne's winter.
In true Aussie form we partook in the Bintang ritual (minus the paraphernalia) drinking enough of the stuff to say we did it - as well as trying the local 'craft beer' Stark. Their brews were more rounded, and less commercial than the 'tang, however their versions of a Hefeweizen and Dunkel Hefeweizen were not to our liking, after having versed ourselves in the way of the southern German Weizen whilst living there a few years back. Although the malts in the dunkel were pleasant (I'm a sucker for a dunkel hefe..)
So, our tip - BYO craft beer. Here's what we took with us:
First up was Amager Bryghus Gluttony from The Sinner series, a double IPA weighing in at 9.4% - which we couldn't believe, tasting smooth and balanced to perfection. Get these at Slow Beer in Richmond.
Followed by the local Melbourne brewers Two Birds Taco Taco - which just picked up a gold medal at the Brewers Guild NZ awards last week! And rightfully so. We loved this when we tasted last summer at the Good Beer Week Gala Showcase. Try it. Now.
A few days later we had this bad boy from Kaiju - their Imperial IPA, 9.1% and delicious as. Smooth malts and a hop punch this is a stella brew, and we love their labelling and branding. Check them out is you haven't already.
So, in conclusion, when travelling to Bali carefully choose what you want to fill your precious 1L quota, then when that's all gone the cocktail list is your best friend.

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