What are your glasses made from?

All our glasses are made from high quality lead free crystal. This allows our glasses to be shaped to cultivate a great beer experience with thin enough walls to maintain your beer at the right temperature, while still being strong and durable.

Can I buy a single glasses?

Let’s face it, drinking with someone else is always more fun, so our glasses are always sold as a pair. That way you can enjoy them with a friend, partner or any other special individuals you might be with.  

Are your glasses dishwasher safe?

Whilst our glasses have been made to withstand the likes of your home dishwasher, we always recommend cleaning by hand to ensure not only the best cleaning results, but to ensure the life and quality of your glass lasts long into the future. Always choose a glass specific cycle or cool short wash. Only place Craftd glassware on the top shelf.

Please note our plastic 'St Bernard' is not dishwasher safe.

Can I mix up your glasses?

Our glasses are boxed and ready to ship as a pair. This ensures that we can provide the best possible packaging, making sure your order arrives safely. 

There is a small bubble in my glass.

Our glassware is handmade and each glass is unique. Tiny bubbles can be caught in the walls of the glass during creation but our strict quality control means glass with bubbles over a certain size and grouping are rejected. Only glassware with bubbles which will not compromise the strength and integrity make it through.

My glasses arrived broken.

We take great care in packing your items, so we are sorry to hear your goods arrived damaged. Pleaseemail us at hello@craftd.com so we can assist you with your issue.

Can I return my purchase?

All returns must be made within 14 days of purchase. Items are to be in unused condition and returned in the original packaging. Any return shipping costs are at the cost of the returner.

Return requests should be sent to hello@craftdglass.com and all returns must have a proof of purchase.   

What form of payment do you accept?

Major credit cards (Master Card, Visa) Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Which postage carrier do you send with?

We use Australia Post for all shipments throughout Australia.

How long will my order take to dispatch?

We do our best to get orders out promptly, and in most cases your order will be shipped within 24-48hours. 

Do you ship internationally?

If you're outside of Australia and want to get your hands on some CRAFTD glassware send us an email at hello@craftdglass.com so we can provide you with more precise shipping rates. 

I can't find an answer to my query?

Hit us up on email at hello@craftdglass.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.