Glass Care


We recommend rinsing your CRAFTD. glass with fresh water before every use.

Our glasses can be put through the dishwasher, you should choose a choose a cool, short dishwashing cycle and place the glasses on the top shelf. Some dishwashing tablets can leave a residue and which compromises the quality of your next pour. The same goes for dishwashing detergent. Do not apply dishwashing detergents or vinegar to the logos.

We recommend this simple washing technique:

Step 1. Mix a small amount of baking powder and hot water into the glass and leave for a couple of minutes. Rinse in clean hot water.

Step 2. Mix up a weak vinegar and hot water solution, clean the inside of the glass and leave for a couple of minutes. Rinse in clean hot water.

Step 3.  Set the glass aside to air dry.

Step 4. Finally for that extra shine wipe the glass over with a clean microfibre cleaning cloth to remove any fingerprints or water marks.  

    Oils and other layers on the inside of the glass will compromise beer head creation, retention and ultimately the drinking experience. With these few steps a 'beer' clean glass is easy to achieve. 

    Alternatively, drop into your friendly home brew store and check out their range of specific beer cleaning solutions.