CRAFTD. goes home to NZL // New orders shipped on 2nd Feb

CRAFTD. goes home to NZL // New orders shipped on 2nd Feb

Being Kiwi's living in Melbourne, we are making the pilgrimage home for 2 weeks. Primarily to meet our two new niece's – but is quickly turning into a beer-tourism trip!!

New Zealand has some of the highest quality and crazy beers in the world - see Garage Project, Epic!, Tuatara, Yeastie BoysLiberty Brewing, 8 Wired, Renaissance, Parrot Dog, Croucher, Panhead, for just a few… this place is a goldmine for craft beer. And it’s generally cheaper than Australia!

Due to our trip, all orders placed from today through Sunday 1st February will be posted out on Monday 2nd February. Thank you for understanding, and being patient.

On the stock levels side, there are a few Le François and Ivan IV remaining, and we are expecting a fresh delivery of Uncle Frank’s when we return, 1st week of February. Which is fitting. Updates will be on our Instagram / Twitter / Facebook profiles - @craftdglass

Also, we will be posting about our beer travels, so follow to see what we are up to! Its going to be a super rad trip.

Ben and Sarah



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