Alpha - Set of 2
Alpha - Set of 2
Alpha - Set of 2
Alpha - Set of 2


Alpha - Set of 2

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Beer But Better

Functional or aesthetically appealing… who said you can’t be both? The Alpha is craft beer glassware with striking good looks, great feel in the hand and a shape that will deliver a captivating beer experience.

Designed to get the most out of your beer from the first sip right until the last drop. The unique shape subtly works the beer to achieve continuous head, deliver aromatics and showcase the beer’s characteristics. This chimney and bowl combination makes this versatile glass suitable for almost any beer style. The Alpha will excel when working with beers with big aromatics, such as IPAs and Hazy IPAs.

  • 500ml to the brim
  • Shaped to enhance flavour, aroma and head creation/retention
  • Chimney-bowl design fits comfortably in the hand
  • Premium lead-free crystal 
  • Brilliant clear glass to let the beer colour shine
  • Durable and break resistant
  • Handmade not machine produced
  • Dishwasher safe

Shape That Matters

The Alpha's outward rolled lip provides an even flow of beer across the tongue. In the middle of the glass sits a generous bowl which narrows towards the top to concentrate aromatics and assists in head retention. The transition from this bowl to the final part of the glass is designed so with each sip the beer gently cascades back to the base activating the beer and releasing the head and aroma.  

The bowl in the middle of the glass sits comfortably in the hand, and the design works to bring the full flavour and aroma of the beer to the forefront while you sit back and enjoy.

Alpha is a robust glass, with the ability to handle anything you throw at him. He’s the big top dog at 500ml and a dominant presence in any glassware collection.

What beer styles work best with this glass shape?

  • Beers which have a complex aroma and profile will come to life in the Alpha - IPAs, pale ales, stouts and porters. It’s a versatile glass and will accomodate any beer you throw at it.

How is this glass made?

  • All our core range of glasses are handmade from lead-free crystal, this means each glass is unique just like each batch of craft beer.

Can I buy a single?

  • Our glasses come as twin packs, we believe it’s more fun to share a beer with a friend when they have the same glass!

Who do you ship with and how much is it?

  • We use Australia Post and all orders have Australia wide flat rate shipping of $12. Express shipping is available if you want your Craftd goods quicker, $20 Australia wide.

Glass care - All our craft beer glassware is dishwasher safe however, hand washing will keep your glass in the best condition possible. Dishwasher tablets, powder and dishwashing liquid can leave a film on the glass which inhibits head creation and retention. It’s best to use specific beer vessel cleaning products or a weak vinegar and hot water solution. See our glass care page for more information.