Aphrodite - Set of 2
Aphrodite - Set of 2
Aphrodite - Set of 2


Aphrodite - Set of 2

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Next Level Beer Drinking

With its sophisticated looks the Aphrodite is as equally suited to cracking a hazy IPA in front of the footy as it is to pulling her out at your next dinner party with friends. 

Apart from looking good, the long stem and tulip shaped curves deliver a drinking experience that is one to be envied. Warm hands are kept away from the beer by the stem and the tulip shape concentrates the aromas and retains the head with the rolled lip delivering the beer evenly across the palate. All this in a beautifully clear crystal glass for your beer viewing pleasure.

  • 420ml to the brim
  • Shaped to enhance flavour, aroma and head creation/retention
  • Long stem keeps heat away from the beer
  • Thin walls maintain beer temperature for longer
  • Premium lead-free crystal 
  • Brilliant clear glass to let the beer colour shine
  • Handmade not machine produced

Elevated for More

With the body being situated on top of a stem, the Aphrodite showcases the beer's colour and clarity without distractions. The tulip shape works to concentrate the aromatics and deliver the beer evenly across the tongue via a rolled lip. The walls of superbly clear Lead-free crystal are a balance of thickness; thin to maintain the beer at the correct temperature for longer, sturdy to not feel like it will break each time you clean it. 

Named after the goddess of beauty, fertility and sexual love, the Aphrodite stemmed tulip glass is an elegant feast for the eyes and a beer drinking experience to provoke the senses. Your beer never looked or tasted so good.

What beer styles work best with this glass shape?

  • Sours, IPAs, pale ales, stouts. The stemmed tulip glass is used for a variety of styles and has become one of the world’s most popular glassware shapes for craft beer. 

How is this glass made?

  • All our core range of glasses are hand made from lead-free crystal, this means each glass is unique just like each batch of craft beer.

Can I buy a single?

  • Our glasses come as twin packs, we believe it’s more fun to share a beer with a friend when they have the same glass!

Who do you ship with and how much is it?

  • We use Australia Post and all orders have Australia wide flat rate shipping of $12. Express shipping is available if you want your Craftd goods quicker, $20 Australia wide.

Glass care - All our craft beer glassware is dishwasher safe however, hand washing will keep your glass in the best condition possible. Dishwasher tablets, powder and dishwashing liquid can leave a film on the glass which inhibits head creation and retention. It’s best to use specific beer vessel cleaning products or a weak vinegar and hot water solution. See our glass care page for more information.