Freddy - Black Special - Set of 2
Freddy - Black Special - Set of 2
Freddy - Black Special - Set of 2


Freddy - Black Special - Set of 2

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Faithful Clarity

No matter the occasion, no matter the beer, Freddy has been your faithful everyday beer companion.

Freddy doesn’t complicate things, and neither does his mate. It’s a glass that’s easy to hold, easy to pour beer into and easy to gaze upon. He brings you the familiar feeling of holding a can, while you reap all the benefits that come from beer in a glass.

  • 500ml to the brim
  • Cylinder shape for viewing colour and clarity uninhibited
  • Narrowing opening assists with head retention and aroma concentration
  • Wall thickness is balanced for feel and maintaining beer temperature for longer
  • Premium lead-free crystal 
  • Brilliant clear glass to let the beer colour shine
  • Handmade not machine produced
  • Dishwasher safe
  • $12 flat rate shipping Australia wide

The Kruegers

The cylindrical body of the glass is perfect for beers with more clarity while the narrowing lip concentrates aroma and retains head. That’s it, put the beer in and enjoy!

The first beer to be sold in cans was Krueger's Special Beer in 1933. The cans were much thicker than those you see on the shelves today and in fact made of steel. To make matters even more difficult the ring pull didn’t appear on cans until 1959. So, needless to say they would have been fairly tricky to open, but we know a certain Krueger with a menacing glove who would have had no trouble and we named this glass after him.

What beer styles work best with this glass shape?

  • Pale ales, lagers, session ales. No fancy glasswork obscuring the view here, Freddy’s simple cylinder shape shows off the colour and clarity of the beer with the narrowing top assisting with head retention. 

How is this glass made?

  • All our core range of glasses are handmade from lead-free crystal, this means each glass is unique just like each batch of craft beer.

Can I buy a single?

  • Our glasses come as twin packs, we believe it’s more fun to share a beer with a friend when they have the same glass!

Who do you ship with and how much is it?

  • We use Australia Post and all orders have Australia wide flat rate shipping of $12. Express shipping is available if you want your Craftd goods quicker, $20 Australia wide.

Glass care - All our craft beer glassware is dishwasher safe however, hand washing will keep your glass in the best condition possible. Dishwasher tablets, powder and dishwashing liquid can leave a film on the glass which inhibits head creation and retention. It’s best to use specific beer vessel cleaning products or a weak vinegar and hot water solution. See our glass care page for more information